Sunday, July 21, 2013

You Scream! Ice Cream! BLUE SEAL OKINAWA

You know I've eaten some pretty weird stuff in Japan.  I lived on mainland Japan 6 years ago and I've tried everything from flaked squid and tentacles on a stick, a fish eye, and mochi (rice paste) everything.  There are some things I can't abide by. One is when the Japanese take pizza and put sliced hot dogs, fried eggs and squid on it.  It's bridge too far people.  I like my Italian...well Italian. However, Japanese experimentation is a success when it comes to ice cream and the French favorite...crepes!  They have perfected the crepe in my opinion.

 Here is the evidence!  I give you BLUE SEAL in American Village in Okinawa. Just one of many I know..but it's good to be back among the crepes. This is JUST the smoothies and ice cream blends..

...and here are the crepes.  There are two whole cases.  Usually one case is "sweet"based with things like fruit, and cheese cakes and whipped cream and chocolate.  Also sweet mochi...always mochi... The other case is "savory" with hotdogs (again with the hotdogs!) and hams and cheese, etc.  Also Bacon.  Bacon crepes!! Genius.
Now this is all the same shop.  They also serve Ice cream made here on Okinawa.

I leave it to Blue Seal to explain its name.

N also approves!  He tried something called "blue wave"  He thought it was bubblegum but we quickly realized it was some sort of melon fusion with bits of honeydew in it. It rocked.

ohh..and it was "scoop day" so he got two scoops of cookie free...ya know for back up.
 I got coconut and Mango!
 Here's  E....eating his hands again while he waits...yes he's strapped to the chair.  Most Japanese places DO NOT have high chairs, so you can pick up these fold out strap things to go in your diaper bag at the 100 Yen store.

All in all good stuff. There are at least 2 other homegrown Okinawan ice cream shops I have heard of so I'll have to try them later.  Here are some random pics of the rest of American Village, just outside the Kadena Base.
 Alcohol take out...why not.

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  1. I have to admit, I am jealous of your adventure. Part horrified, but mostly jealous. The post about delicious ice cream makes my jealousy a little more poignant.