Friday, July 19, 2013

Base Eating--and a show;)

We had a little family dinner on base the other night.  This is the view from the Tee House restaurant on Kadena AB.  It overlooks he South China Sea side of the island and you can watch the jets take off if you are lucky.  And we were!

Our view with Dinner Sun Dips into the Ocean.
 The view from the top of the hill--Tee House Restaurant (Kadena golf course) You can see the airfield where we got to see about 12 F-15's take off.  Good fun. Great dinner show for the little man,
 Daddy carried E up all the steps to the restaurant in his car seat, but it was worth it since he slept the whole time!
 N Waving goodbye to the Okinawan sun.
 This was E's contribution to the beautiful sunset.  It was peaceful and quiet and AWESOME.
 You can just make out the air wing. Sorry for the crudy iphone photos!
 Waiting for the jets--they were lining up 
 The jets starting to take off for a night run.
Apparently this is N's idea of hill surfing.
While this was a great view the food was good--average sandwiches and some cakes etc, for dessert.  They also serve beer and wine.  With the base restrictions about drinking alcohol though (this is due to some serious incidents involving unruly Marines etc. on the island)  Active duty military are only allowed 2 drinks, with dinner from the hours of 6 to 10. NO OFF BASE purchase of alcohol at all!!! So lets just say a nice glass of wine or beer on base is appreciated with my sunset ;)

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  1. Nathan is such a little cutie. Watch out little ladies of Okinawa!