Thursday, July 25, 2013

Drinking and Driving

So we have been SUPER busy these past several days dealing with the housing office here on base (that is a post by itself--I'll post that later), as well as just daily life with the boys and Dad starting work.  This is just a collection of odds and ends of what we've been up to.  It just so happens to deal with "drinking" our favorite Japanese drinks out of the ever-present vending machines, and of course, driving in Japan!

 N prefers Shoyu-Ramen.
 Look what I found ma---a snake!!!!
 Habu-Sake, a famous drink from here in Okinawa specifically.  Yes you drink it. I, however, will not be trying it.
 Ben gets his tea, cold.  Because in Okinawa in July it is ALWAYS 85% humidity and 90 degrees.
 He seriously looks like a Japanese commercial right now.  This is totally what they do.
 Ben driving on the left for the first time!...on the RIGHT side of the car.  Confusing I know.
The boys doing what they do in the car. SOOOOO good to have a car again;)

 In case YOU would like to take the Japanese road test as we did, here are a few practice sheets of what we had to learn.;)
After Daddy got his car, I got mine.  It's a cute little cube that we got for 3,000Yen in cash.  Not bad since it has a child latch system, which is rare in Lemon lot cars on Kadena.

So far I have driven back and forth across the island(east to west) several times and---knock on wood---no accidents.  After driving in Japan years ago it's all coming back to me!

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