Friday, July 19, 2013

Base lodging--a peek

For those that want to know what Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF) looks like on Kadena Air Base here is an example. We arrived late on a Saturday night and have a 2 week reservation.  That DOES NOT mean we will have housing unfortunately.  It means we have to move hotels because of the high season in travel there is no space at this place or any other lodging here on Kadena.  Eeek. So we may be in a Japanese hotel soon. Here's what you can expect at Hershey TLF at least: This is a 2 bedroom queen "lock off"
 We moved the couch because the room has hardwire internet only and it was behind the couch.  Annoying.  So we rearranged dome furniture. Queen bed one. One bathroom in this room and...
 A weird left over non functioning kitchen.  No fridge or stove but they did put the microwave in here.
 Kids bathroom.

 Other room in the lock off. We moved the couch to squeeze in the crib.  The hotel SUPPLIES the high chair and pack n plays (although this PnP is mine).
 The kitchen. Full size fridge. Stove. Coffee maker, dishes, etc.  Huge table.
 This is the playroom downstairs!
 I'm really hoping we get housing so we can move straight from here...but its looking increasingly unlikely.  Housing brief was Monday, by Friday they said they would call us on Monday we'll see.

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