Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Starting to explore--First meal

So after the crazy arrival in Japan via the "Patriot Express" last Saturday we have been here almost a week.  We went out almost right away and did a few things with friends that at least might excite my kid about being in a foreign country--because I don't think looking at lemon lot cars, hitting the commissary and exchange (post grocery store and mall) was cutting it.

So sunday night we went out in town and ate at a cute Ramen restaurant.  It's the kind where you put your money in vending machine and pick it out based on pictures (well at least WE do because I can't read Kanji!) and it gives you a ticket.  Then you sit and that ticket is printed out for the cook to make your food and it is brought to your table.  I has some AMAZING Don-buri (mixed rice, beef, tofu and veggie bowl) and Dad had Katsu-curry (potatoes, veggies, meat in curry sauce) while N had Tonkatsu. (essentially breaded pork chop with an awesome soy sauce).  It had tatami mats and floor tables on the edges of the restaurant but our group was too big with 4 kids and 4 adults so we sat in a Western style table.

 The boys waiting for their food--you can see the couple in the back using the ticket machine to order.
 N is still SOOOOO jet lagged---but his friend is showing him how to chow down on SOBA noodles.

 Dad and E wait for their food. Evan had his first touchy-Feely moment with the owner.  She of course touched his hair and face and talked with him.  The Japanese have no qualms about touching children unknown to them.  Especially blond ones! E was fine;)

 Nothing Like Gohan (rice) and Hashi (chopsticks) for a first meal!

mmm...pretty good.


  1. That looks fun! Are you planning on taking any Japanese? Do you know Hiragana and Romanji (the phonetic stuff)?

  2. I know SOME, my husband knows a lot more from the classes he took when we were here the first time 7 years ago. I'll have to get in gear. Honestly though, I'm more interested in conversational Japanese than actually reading it.

  3. Does the military have CDs or DVDs you can borrow?